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I am a professional portrait photographer.
I've been doing photography for 14 years.
 I love working with people and making them forget that they are having their picture taken.  Something happens when I get into a photo shoot- I find the person (who is usually trying to hide) and before you know it, I gotcha!




Just email me or give me a call!  We’ll have fun and get good photos, too!

Charlotte Hartzell, Photographer/Owner - Charming Prints Photography

char@charmingprints.net  or Phone metro 817-461-2625 or cell 817-846-0682


I live in Central Arlington (Texas) and have a Beautiful Backyard Portrait Studio.    I have shot on location for many years, but now we just go out back and Voila!


I keep my customers happy by giving them a good product and good service at affordable prices.